The wrath of Ranka

When Haruhi gets caught pregnant, Ranka loses his head and wants to find out which boy did it to her. Find out what happened

Ranka’s POV There was a lot of what Hikaru said that I didn’t pick up on because of how fast he spoke. I did; however, pick up on Kaoru getting […]

Hikaru’s POV I was waiting in Haruhi’s living room, holding Kaoru’s hand tightly because I was scared. Tamaki was currently talking to Ranka and I was terrified to be next. […]

Ranka’s POV I had Tamaki in front of me. My arms were crossed and my finger was tapping on my arm as I glared at the boy. “Please don’t hurt […]

Haruhi’s POV Being surrounded by boys is the worst. Especially when they are a bunch of stuck up rich kids who don’t listen to you when you try to tell […]

Ranka’s POV “Haruhi darling, I am going to work!” I said. Since I found out she is pregnant I suppose I have been acting a bit stale towards her, but […]

Haruhi’s POV: The date was the 4th February. ┬áMy birthday. To celebrate, dad is letting me have a birthday party. It won’t be at my place though. Tamaki said it […]