Tony expierenced Hell while in that chair. Pain worse than he’d ever felt before. He never got to see the face of who was doing this to him, but he heard his […]

What happened next was hazy for Tony. There was a fight, only he wasn’t involved. There wasn’t much he could do when he didn’t have the suit. He tried thought. […]

Chapter 18- A week. That’s how long it took the hospital to stablise Tony. However, just because he was stable didn’t mean he was awake. Everyone was praying that he […]

Chapter 13- The day went by very slowly for the God, who had other things on his mind than just watching Tony work. He wanted more. The irritation started to […]

Chapter 7- “Hurry up Anthony” Loki said, annoyed. “It would help if you weren’t touching me so much.” “I’m trying to help” “I don’t need your help in getting dressed.” […]

Chapter 3- Tony took a long time trying to figure out these clothing. There was so many drapes and layers. Eventually he got it on. He sort of liked it […]

Chapter 1- Tony laid in his bed next to Pepper, it was the first time they had slept in the same bed since New York and it kind of felt […]