steve rogers

Chapter 22- Bruce’s POV Hours had passed and Tony hadn’t exitted the room he had aquired to be his own. Steve had been pacing backwards and forward, trying to think […]

Chapter 13- Steve’s POV School was very different without Tony there. We had another assignment. I had promised Tony that I would be his partner again, but he isn’t at […]

Chapter 7- No one’s POV The chemistry lesson was very awkward Tony had asked ‘Mr Right’ who he was, but he got no reply. He really hoped it wasn’t someone […]

Chapter 4- Tony’s POV After Bruce and Nat had finished teasing me about Steve Rogers annoying me, Nat had to leave, it was a shame because I was really starting […]

Chapter 1 “Great party last night, Tony.” Clint walked past Tony in the cafeteria and patted his back. Tony put on a smile and nodded. He looked back at his […]